How to setup scheduled printing via 2Printer & Windows Task Scheduler

Thanks to the command line interface, 2Printer allows you to not only print files from a folder, but also schedule printing at a certain time via Windows Task Scheduler. You can also combine printing with other tasks, such as moving files to another folder and compressing them into a RAR / ZIP archive as well as some others.

How to Auto Print PDF Files and other Documents

Without the right software tools, printing multiple PDF files and Microsoft Office documents can be a time consuming and profit reducing task in today’s office environment. The team at fCoder understands this problem and has designed several products to save time, cut expenses and optimize and office’s workflow scheme.

How to Print PDF via Command Line?

2Printer command line tool can print PDF, HTML, JPG, DOC, XLS, PPS and other files used in document workflow in practically every office!

How to Get List of Installed Printers

2Printer software can print documents on the printer only if is connected to the computer, printer driver is correctly installed and power is on. 2Printer can use local printers connected to the computer via USB, WiFi connected printers and network printers.

How to Batch Print PDF Files?

With 2Printer tool you can print PDF files from Windows command line. This ability is required if system integrator need to automate printing of documents in workflow system you deployed. Or if software developer wants to release PDF printing feature in his software product.