Command line tool for printing documents
and image files in batch mode


Print Documents, Presentations and Images in Batch Mode

2Printer is a command line extension for Print Conductor software. It automates the printing process. 2Printer can batch print documents and image files in service mode or on schedule. Also, 2Printer can be integrated in the printing system of your office environment: you can launch 2Printer from your own software.

Wide List of Supported Types of Documents

2Printer uses an internal engine to render and print PDF and XPS documents, HTML files and images like JPEG, Tiff and etc. Plus, 2Printer automates Microsoft Office and OpenOffice to print text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings.

Printing Core for Document Workflow Systems

2Printer is compatible with any local, network or virtual printers that are connected to the workstation or application server. Thanks to the command line interface, you are able to create your own batch or VB Script files to print documents automatically. You can also add these scripts to Windows Task Scheduler to print all the documents from a selected folder at a specific time.

Batch Print Documents

Batch Print Documents

2Printer can print the most common types of documents, drawings, electronic tables and image files you use in your office.

Variety of Supported Formats

Variety of Supported Formats

2Printer can print PDF documents, scans, photos, texts, HTML files, drawings, worksheets and presentations within just one session.

Workflow Integration

Workflow Integration

2Printer can be launched from custom application, VB Script or a batch file and it lets you embed 2Printer command line tool to the corporate workflow system.

Different Printers Supported

Different Printers Supported

2Printer is compatible with any local, network and virtual printers that are connected to the workstation or an application server.

Print at a Specific Time

Print at a Specific Time

2Printer and Windows Task Scheduler let you print all documents from a selected folder at a specific time.

Common Scripts Library

Common Scripts Library

Create script files for all the common tasks. Then print each category of documents on the specified printer with just one click or in the scheduled time!

Print Files Automatically on Schedule with 2Printer

2Printer command line syntax and examples

  1. Read 2Printer help file:
    2Printer.exe -help

  2. Print all documents from folder "C:\Input" on the system default printer:
    2Printer.exe -s "C:\Input\*.*"

  3. Print all documents from list file "C:\ToDo\input.txt" on the system default printer. The "input.txt" should be a Unicode or ASCII text file with a list of paths to document files. Each new file path in this file should be finalized by the Enter key.
    2Printer.exe -l "C:\ToDo\input.txt"

  4. Print all documents from folder "C:\Input" with all subfolders on the system default printer:
    2Printer.exe -s "C:\Input\*.*" -r

  5. Get full list of available printers:
    2Printer.exe -getprnlist

  6. Print all documents from "C:\Input" on "Canon MP610 series Printer":
    2Printer.exe -s "C:\Input\*.*" -prn "Canon MP610 series Printer"

  7. Print all documents from "C:\Input" on the virtual printer Universal Document Converter:
    2Printer.exe -s "C:\Input\*.*" -prn "Universal Document Converter"

  8. Print documents in silent mode:
    2Printer.exe -s "C:\Input\*.*" -silent

  9. Edit ini-file with 2Printer defaults:
    2Printer.exe -ini

  10. Batch print 5 copies of each PDF document from folder "C:\Input":
    2Printer.exe -s "C:\Input\*.PDF" -prn "Xerox 2050" -copies 5


Download free version of 2Printer that allows you to evaluate the software and use it for non-commercial needs. Free version offers all the available features of the program. The only thing that makes it different from the commercial version is additional page printed at the end of print job.

Price and Licensing

Commercial License

Commercial license costs $149. Please visit order page to see all licensing options.

Volume discounts are available starting from 5-users license as well as special price for governmental and nonprofit organizations. Resellers and partners are welcome to our worldwide distribution network! Please contact us to get more information.

2Printer News and Events

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Customer Support Service

Please fill the support form if you have any questions about 2Printer software, or if you need any assistance or advice.

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